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The Youth and Parent Summit is a three-day event held each June and sponsored by the Virginia Department of Education and the Partnership for People with Disabilities. Youth with disabilities from across the Commonwealth meet to network and discuss issues of importance to youth and young adults with disabilities.

This year, due to the travel restrictions and guidelines put in place by the governor, the event was moved online. This Virtual Summit followed a similar feel to the face-to-face events in that it included a welcome from VDOE representatives, sessions for youth which were prepared with the help from our state youth leaders, sessions for parents, a keynote address, an assistive technology lab, and exhibitor information focusing on Virginia resources for youth with disabilities.

The Virtual Summit took place during the week of June 8-12. All sessions and information will remain available through the summer to allow those who could not attend during the scheduled week to still access the information. The event is open to all who wish to participate, as self-determination skills are beneficial to all youth and adults. We hope you can participate in this exciting event!

Youth Session FAQs

Who can participate in the Virtual Youth and Parent Summit?

Anyone! Seriously, invite your friends! We encourage you to go through the sessions with others, discuss the content together, answer the questions together. This is an opportunity to connect!

Do I need to apply?

There is no application for the Virtual Youth & Parent Summit.

What do I need in order to participate?

Enthusiasm, energy, and the willingness to get involved. Each session has an opportunity for you to learn new self-determination skills. Along with learning, there are opportunities to respond and share how you are putting what you learned into practice. We encourage you to participate as much as possible so that others can learn from you as well!

Make sure if you respond on social media, you add #IMDSummit to your response so that we receive it! There will be other ways to respond as well.

How do I go through a session?

Each youth session follows the same format and has four sections:

  1. Introduction - prepares you for the content

  2. Content - what the session is all about. There are lots of examples from our youth leaders in this section!

  3. Call to Action - this is where you come in! In the call to action section, you are being asked to DO SOMETHING with what you have learned. Our Determinators and Youth Leaders will be waiting to reply to what you send!

  4. Wrap-up - summarizes what the session covered, and reminds you of what to do now that you have learned this new skill.

We recommend you go through each section, in order so that you get the full experience. If you get stuck on something, ask a sibling, parent, or friend for some help. Everything you see was built by our team, so you should go through it with your team!

We also made this video to help explain how to go through a session.

Parent Session FAQs

What is the I’m Determined Parent Summit?

The I’m Determined Parent Summit is normally a three-day networking and learning event for parent(s)/guardian(s) of youth who apply and are accepted to attend the I’m Determined Youth Summit. This year, the Parent Summit is taking place online, as part of the Virtual Summit. The Parent Summit has been hosted by the Center for Family Involvement since 2008. Nickie Brandenburger, director of the Family to Family Network, works with a team of Parent Leaders to plan sessions for parents of youth with disabilities.

When and where can I access the Parent Sessions?

The Parent Sessions are housed on the Virtual Summit website under the “Parent Sessions” menu item.

Who can attend the Parent Sessions?


Does the Parent Summit cost anything?

No. This event is free for all who participate.

What do I need in order to participate in the Parent Sessions?

The main thing you need is some time set aside to work through the sessions. Each session is unique, so be sure to look at the topics and go to the ones that work for you! We encourage everyone to participate as much as possible and take advantage of any opportunities to respond virtually.

Virtual AT Lab FAQs

What is the Virtual AT Lab?

At our face-to-face Youth & Parent Summit, we always have an area set up with Assistive Technology (AT) for youth and parents to explore. This is typically a popular space and we wanted to find a way to still have something like this at the Virtual Summit. The result...the Virtual AT Lab! The Virtual AT Lab is split up into categories. If you've ever wondered if there are strategies or tools that could help you with one of the categories, check out the lab that goes with that category.

Who created the Lab Sessions?

Virginia's Assistive Technology Network is made up of professionals from across the Commonwealth of Virginia who know a thing or two about AT. We are excited to be able to include their creativity and expertise as part of the Virtual Summit.

To find out more about the AT Network click here.

Important terms

Call to Action - The third section of each youth session, where you are being asked to do something with what you learned in the session. Some require you to make something or fill out a form, while others require you to take a picture and share it on social media. Our Determinators and State Youth Leaders will be looking for these and responding as they come in. These are not required, but we hope that you're willing to share what you are doing in the sessions!

Determinator - Regional Coordinators who work on the I'm Determined State team. Each of Virginia's Superintendent Regions is represented by 2-3 Determinators to serve those who live in that region. They work with the State Youth Leaders to provide opportunities for youth, parents, and educators to practice and facilitate self-determination skills.

IMD - Abbreviation for I'm Determined (you might see this in some sessions or hear I'm Determined referred to as "IMD" in some videos).

State Youth Leader - Youth 13-21 years old, who have experienced the Youth & Parent Summit or MOVE Summit, and have succeeded through the application and interview process to become a State Youth Leader. State Youth Leaders represent each of the Superintendents Regions that make up Virginia, and help plan and carry out I'm Determined events. The State Youth Leaders worked with their Determinators to create each of the Youth Sessions for this event. You will get to meet each team of State Youth Leaders in each session.

Contact Info

All general questions can be sent to info@imdetermined.org, or feel free to reach out to us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

If you have a questions pertaining to one of the Parent Sessions, please send those to CFIhelpline@vcu.edu