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Youth Leader Chloe welcomes you to the VDOE's Assistive Technology Network Virtual AT Lab! Please explore the highlighted items in our lab below at your own pace. As you move through the presentation slides, click on items that interest you for more information about them and/or the facilitator on a slide for a more detailed explanation of that area of assistive technology. Clicking on the "gear" icon below the presentation will allow you to view the facilitator's notes on a particular slide. In the Virtual AT Lab, you will find low to high-tech tools that can support students with disabilities in areas such as:

  • Reading

  • Writing

  • Math

  • Organization

  • Sensory Processing

Items that have been included in the AT Lab were done so as examples of tools with features that may provide support in a specific area, but inclusion should not be considered an endorsement by the AT Network or an indication that they are the only options available. Only a student and their IEP team can determine the most appropriate assistive technology for them, following a thorough consideration process. IEP teams in Virginia can use the documents linked below to support this consideration process. More information about your facilitators and their contact information is included below as well.

Please contact the AT Network with any questions and enjoy your tour!

Individuals using screen-reading technology may wish to view the source version of the Virtual AT Lab Presentation directly, rather than the embedded version below.

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