Summit Chatter

See how people are responding to the sessions, catch up on what's happening, and see some highlights here!

We need your feedback!

👋🏽 Hi everyone! If you were able to attend our Virtual Summit this year, we'd love to get some feedback from you. This was our first time ever doing a virtual event like this, and while we had a blast, we know there are things we can improve. We have set up a private feedback Padlet where you can offer feedback (both positive and negative). This feedback will be reviewed by the I'm Determined Team in order to improve our events and get ideas for future events. We'd love to hear from youth, parents, educators, and anyone else who came. Thank you so much for attending and taking the time to let us know how your experience was!

The closing keynote address is now ready to view. Thank you all for your patience. We hope you are all able to fully realize your advantage point!

Here are a few highlights from the week that you may have missed. Enjoy!

Kantis' 3 Things for Parents

(Youth can watch as well!)

📢📢📢 All four youth sessions, and all five parent sessions are now available. These sessions will remain open beyond the week of the Virtual Summit, so take your time, and make sure you get to any that you may not have had time for this week.

Today's Padlet is all about goals. Feel free to add yours...youth and adults. There's also a great FlipGrid where youth are discussing their goals in a little more detail. Head over to the Session 4 page to see everything!

Lots of chatter on the Padlet from Session 3. If you are wondering who Madison is, check out the video case study on the Session 3 page.

United States map showing some states in blue, and some in white.

Roll Call!

States that are blue have at least one person who has come to the Virtual Summit! If you know anyone in the states that remain, invite them...let's see if we can get all 50!

We still need: Idaho, Montana, South Dakota, Nebraska, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Hawaii.

Did you know...

The Virtual Assistive Technology Lab is one of the TOP 10 pages being visited? There's a good reason for's amaaaaaazing! Check it out!

Clickable screenshot of Virtual AT Lab session. Bitmoji characters standing in front of tables full of assistive technology.

Check out the responses below we received from the Session 2! For more like this visit our Good Day Plan session page.

Check out the padlet from Session 1. Do you have interests in common with any of the ones listed below? Feel free to add yours if you haven't already by using the pink plus in the lower right corner! For more like this, check out the full session.