Youth Sessions

Welcome Youth!

This is the first year we've ever held a Virtual Youth Summit! Consider yourself a trailblazer! We are glad you are here, and hope that you are able to learn about self-determination skills, as well as connect with youth across the state (or maybe even country). Our team of Determinators and State Youth Leaders have put together four sessions for you to go through, one day at a time. Each day, during the week of June 8-12, a new session will appear under the Youth Sessions menu. We can't wait to meet you!

PRO TIP: Use a laptop 💻 or desktop 🖥 computer instead of a mobile device 📵for the best viewing experience.

Time to Connect!

Meet our Keynote Speaker

Session Promos

Starting Monday, June 8th, youth sessions will appear day by day under the "Youth Sessions" menu. Below is a quick promo video for each session, kind of like a movie trailer. Feel free to watch them, and then make sure you come back each day and go through the sessions, and remember to connect with others during the Summit!


A Personal Exploration


Good Day to Plan for a Good Day


Speak into the Solution


The Future is Yours


On Friday, Kantis Simmons will wrap up the Summit with a keynote address. Don't miss it!

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How do I go through a session?

Each day, a different youth session will be revealed. Each youth session follows the same format and has four sections:

  1. Introduction - prepares you for the content

  2. Content - what the session is all about. There are lots of examples from our youth leaders in this section!

  3. Call to Action - this is where you come in! In the call to action section, you are being asked to DO SOMETHING with what you have learned. Our Determinators and Youth Leaders will be waiting to reply to what you send!

  4. Wrap-up - summarizes what the session covered, and reminds you of what to do now that you have learned this new skill.

We recommend you go through each section, in order so that you get the full experience. If you get stuck on something, ask a sibling, parent, or friend for some help. Everything you see was built by our team, so feel free to go through it with your team!

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