Session 4 - The Future is Yours

The Future is Yours!


Welcome! The future is yours and goals are what drive you there. Take a trip with the Youth Leaders and discover how to identify a goal and the steps necessary to reach that goal. We will explore a variety of tools designed to help you grow your goal setting skills. Visualize the path to your future and continue your journey toward self-determination.

This session is brought to you by the following 3 Elements of I'm Determined:

Internal locus of control: the belief that one has control over outcomes that are important to his or her own life.
Goal setting and attainment: the ability to develop a goal, plan for implementation, and measure success.
Self-efficacy: believe in one's own ability to succeed in specific situations or accomplish specific tasks.


The youth leaders want to know what your future might hold. Below you will find some questions to help you begin thinking about your goals. Encourage your family members to join in, too. How many can you answer?

Jeremiah is a graphic designer.

What is your dream job?

Chloe visited Europe

Where would you like to travel?

Phoebe practices with her music teacher.

Who helps you reach your goals?

Maddie loves soccer

What are your favorite outdoor activities?

Traleya is a great public speaker.

What are your talents?

Betsy is a college student.

If you go to college, what would you like to study?

Olivia loves video games.

What are some of your hobbies?

Judah is a bowler.

What is something that you practice to get better?

Now, that you have answered some of our questions. We would love for you to share a few of your answers. This link will allow you to share your thoughts on Padlet.

Remember, the link will take you out of our Google Site, so once you have filled in your thoughts, return to the Google Site and learn more about goal setting.


Chloe and Traleya talk about goal setting. You will learn:

*why goal setting is important

*the steps to work toward a goal

*the benefits of accomplishing a goal


On June 11, 2020 all who participated were asked to consider some words that related to their goals. We created an amazing word cloud from our collective responses.

finger pointing to submit button for Mentimeter activity on smartphone

We used Mentimeter

QR code for mentimeter survey

Or this QR Code

finger pointing to submit button on Menti question screen

and submitted our answers

This word cloud is an image of a list of the words submitted on June 11, 2020. In a word cloud, words are placed with the words that were submitted the most often in a larger font than the other entries. This word cloud is based on the question: Think about a personal goal and express it in one word.

Thank you to all who participated in the I’m Determined Virtual Youth Summit on June 11, 2020.


In this section you will learn about the Goal Plan and see some examples of how the Youth Leaders have successfully used it. We encourage you to print a copy of the Goal Plan and fill it out as you move through this section.

Options for accessing the Goal Plan

There are multiple versions of the Goal Plan. Select the option that best suits your strengths, preferences, & needs. Here are 2 of our favorites:

The Standard Version allows you to download a .pdf document that you can type on. You can also print and write on it.

The Web App version of the tool allows you to fill it out by typing or by using picture icons.

Blank Goal Plan Form

IMD Goal Plan

You can right click on the document and select "download" to print your own copy, or you can find one here.

PIcture of Implementation Guide. Click the picture to access an accessible PDF of the implementation guide.

Implementation Guide

This document can help you identify the important information that goes in each section of the Goal Plan. Below you can check out some Google Slides presentations where the Youth Leaders share their Goal Plans.

Setting a Goal

What do you dream of doing? If you knew you wouldn’t fail, what is something you would try?

A goal is something you dream of doing and choose to actively work towards little by little each day.

Earlier Chloe and Traleya shared dreams. Learn about more of our Youth Leaders’ goals. Afterwards, record one of your dreams on a I’m Determined Goal Plan tool and make it a goal. Let’s get started!


What good things will happen after you accomplish your goal? How will you feel? What other opportunities might come up?

Visualize your dream life. Start to imagine what your life would look like once you reach your goal.

Check out some of the outcomes that the Youth Leaders have identified. We challenge you to add at least 3 potential outcomes to your Goal Plan tool.

Next Steps

What can you do today that moves you closer to reaching your goal? What actions can I start doing now that would help me?

It’s important to break your goal into smaller steps so that you can focus on each day. Each of those steps will bring your dream closer to reality.

Think about things you can do each day or each week to help you towards your goal. Be specific! Add them to your Goal Plan.


Who can you lean on to help you with your goal? Who encourages you? Who motivates you?

A key part of self-determined behavior is identifying a support system and learning to use the resources around you.

List anyone you know that can help you work through your steps to reach your goal. Share this with them to let them know you value their support!


This week you learned about 3 stepping stones that can be used to support you on your path to self-determination. The One Pager, Good Day Plan and now the Goal Plan. Thinking about the three tools, please take a few minutes to answer 3 short questions for us about how you participate in your IEP or 504 Plan meeting by clicking here.


The I'm Determined Goal Plan is not the only tool that can help you. A Vision Board can offer another way to inspire and motivate you as you pursue a goal.

Vision Boards

Vision Boards are another way to help you keep your goals in view. Take your goals and express them in quotes, images, art, or objects. Use poster board or fill a box. Then place your vision board/box in a location that you can view often. Visualizing your goals can help you see the path to achieving them.

a vision board with music and graduation related images.

Sample Vision Board

Vision box with graduation cap and goals

Sample Vision Box

Call to Action

What will you do to increase your ability to reach your goals?

  • Did you think about a personal goal and add that word to our Word Cloud?

  • Did you look at the IMD Goal Plan form and select a starting point to consider your goal and how you will achieve it?

  • If filling out a form is not for you, consider using objects to make a Vision Box or images for a Vision Board to help you visualize your goal.

Our Youth Leaders want to know!

You can record a video response (below) or take a picture or video of your:

  • completed Goal Plan form (even one section will start you on your way)

  • vision board or box and/or

  • time spent on the Youth Summit website

and post using the tag #IMDSummit on your social media to share.

Region 2 and 3 Youth Leaders

Record a video response.

Click on this link to access our Flipgrid page where you will be able to record a video response about one of your goals. You will also be able to check out some great responses from our I'm Determined Youth Leaders. We can't wait to hear about your future plans!


We hope this session has taught you that it is possible to achieve your goals, as well as showing you the steps to take to reach them. We also hope that you had the chance to fill out a goal page with us.

The possibilities for goals are endless. Now it’s your turn to reach those goals and achieve your dreams.

Dream, Plan, Achieve: The Future is Yours! banner

For more information on Goal Planning, check out our I'm Determined Goal Plan Resources